Performance Rating Rubric

Performance ratings will be given out in the following categories based on 10 situations of each category observed while playing in a game. Scores will be averaged for each category and uploaded to the website for public viewing if the user has turned on this feature from the My Account page.


10 – Effective, Consistent, Scores a point, Often served Hard
9 – Not hardest, but consistent, good placement, perhaps a floater
8 – Goes over and the receiving team plays it
7 – Underhand but Goes over and the receiving team plays it
5 – Got lucky
3 – Didn’t make it in but it looked good
1 – Didn’t make it in


10 – Perfect, right to setter in the middle of net, Called your ball
7 – Bumped up high enough for setter to get there, but setter had to make a decent effort to make the play
5 – Got to the ball but the setter needed to call for help or couldn’t make a play of it
2 – Touched it but not playable
0 – No touch, server aced it

Hand Setting

10 – No spin, connected with attacker, point scored
8 – Less then one rotation, attacker able to play it but doesn’t score a point
7 – Got there, but attacked had to bump it over instead of attack
5 – You got to it, but couldn’t make a play of it
3 – Got there, but called for a double or carry


10 – Straight down! Scores a point, often hit hard
5 – Got lucky
3 – Hit into the net or out but looked good
1 – Hit into the net or out multiple times

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