June 16th Summer Jam 3 on 3 Men’s Basketball Tournament

June 16th Summer Jam 3 on 3 Men's Basketball Tournament

June 16th, 2018, Tucson Leagues will be hosting a 3 on 3 Men’s Basketball Tournament! Registration is on a first come first serve basis and it will fill up fast, so sign up TODAY!

Here is what to expect:

  • 4 Game Guarantee
  • All Games are 2 and 3’s to 21 (win by 3 or first to 25 or first 20 minutes, shootoff for tie)
  • Pool-play matches from 1PM to 3PM
  • Games will be Self Officiated (Teams on break will be asked to help as Court Monitors)
  • All teams make Final Tournament
  • Top 6 Teams will compete in Division I Tournament and the other teams will compete in the Division II Tournament
  • Final Tournament is Double Elimination
  • 1st place team for Division I will get $80 Cash, plus $50 worth of prizes, a Winner Photo and a Champions Medal for each player
  • 1st place team for Division II will get $60 worth of prizes, Champions Medal for each player
  • Only 12 spots available, 8 teams would be needed for the Tournament to happen
  • Giveaways happening throughout the event
  • Must be 18 or over on the day of the Tournament
  • Maximum 5 players per team
  • Sign up as an Individual (free agent) and we’ll match you with others to form a team or join as a full team!
  • Full Team fees required to secure your spot


Registration: https://tucsonleagues.com/leagues/jun-16th-summer-jam-3-on-3-mens-basketball-tournament/LG240261

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